NOTE: The below registrations are intended for those who have been invited to play with the Adidas Athletics.

Registration Payment Options

The transaction and processing fees are as follows:

Bank Account (ACH) = .99% + $0.99 per transaction (This option does NOT allows for installments)

Credit Card = 2.99% + $0.99 per transaction (This option allows for installments)

Offline Payments = We do accept Offline Payments.  An Offline payment agreement must start with an Online registration and Online Down Payment.  After the online registration and online down payment, subsequent payments can be made in the form of check mailed to the address below.  The credit card or ACH registration will be your back up payment method.

NOTE: If you have any issues during the online registration process, please email Jess LaFentres at  Please include the account name, the player name, a description of the issue, a contact number, and the best time to contact you regarding the issue.

Remit to address:

Adidas Athletics
943 Century Oaks
Manchester MO 63021