Our Philosophy

Playing Time Policy

Playing time is a reasonable concern for all players and parents when choosing a team. Adidas Athletics policy is what is to be expected from any competitive program, yet we believe it to be fair.

Obviously, playing time is not going to be equal. That said, if a player is dedicated to the program, they will receive opportunities to prove themselves. We do not bring in players simply to ride the bench; if a player joins our program, he will have the opportunity to earn playing time based on his performance and the way he conducts himself.

With every age group, Adidas Athletics offers "Pitcher Only" spots to certain players. This means that a player might make the team, but as they're told after the tryout, their role will be as a pitcher and not a position player. This affects the amount of players we keep on a roster.

Wins Vs Losses

In evaluating a team's performance, a team's record is often the first thing people take into account. However, Adidas Athletics does not evaluate its success by its record. Some tournaments have better competition than others, meaning a team's record is often correlated with its strength of schedule. Ultimately we do expect to be successful in terms of our wins-losses record, but our evaluation of each game is determined by our on field performance and whether or not we meet our pre-determined goals. The talent level of our opponent will vary depending on the tournament, but our players are expected to execute the in-game goals in order for the coaches and organization to consider a game to have been successful. This ensures that our team and players are mentally focused, improving their baseball instincts, executing fundamentals, and ultimately improving individually every time they take the field.

How We Measure Organizational Success, & Develop Players

When a team or organization evaluates it's season, the measure is often wins vs losses. While Adidas Athletics' teams are expected to be on-field winners, our main focus is to improve each individual player physically and mentally, and explore opportunities for all players to play college baseball. Winning games is fun, but improving in those games is the ultimate mission.

Our strategy for improving our players comes down to the 3 C's-- Cooperate, Commit, Compete! The first step in improving a player is having them recognize that they have much to learn about the game and that in order to improve, they must be willing to cooperate with our instructors/coaches to develop their skills. Once they grasp the concept of accepting criticism, we demand that they commit countless hours- many at practice but even more on their own time- to bettering themselves in the areas which our staff has specified. Lastly, we develop our players by facing top competition. We compete in college showcases and fill our schedule not against teams that we know we can beat but instead against teams that make us better.

We understand that our program demands much dedication from our players/families. In return for making Adidas Athletic a top priority, our organization goes above and beyond in exploring college opportunities for all of our players during their later high school years. We find these opportunities not just by competing in college show cases and having college coaches come watch our games, but also through recruiting videos and personally reaching out to coaches for players who have lived up to our high expectations.