The Adidas Athletics uses an online payments and Player Registrations system called TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues.

Payments for Spring, Summer, and Fall can all be made through TeamSnap using WePay.  The WePay service calculates the additional service charge and places it as a line item on your bill.  TeamSnap payment system also allows for offline payments.  This enables you to pay by check, if that is your preference.  A TeamSnap administrator can update your registration with offline payments to help you keep track of payments.

A couple helpful notes about registration:

  1. Have available, an electronic copy of your players Birth Certificate to upload during the registration process. (optional)
  2. Determine how you want to pay (online or offline)
  3. Determine if you want to pay installments or in full.
  4. Fall should be done in a single payment.
  5. Carefully read and accept the Liability Waiver, and Surge Acceptance Contract

How to request Support from TeamSnap: email