Why should I play for the Surge?

When choosing a summer baseball program, players have dozens of options to choose from. Often times they will join an organization with a high expectation, yet end the season with disappointment because what was originally promised was not delivered. Some programs which have been successful in the past now use that reputation as a means of charging absurd fees in order to generate profit. Other programs start off with a reasonable roster size, then add players following the original tryout limiting playing time for players, yet maximizing profit. Some organizations also forbid players from using private instructors, insisting that they instead pay for lessons from their program instructors.

That said, there are other programs besides the Midwest Surge that do a good job of developing high school age players and do so in an admirable way. Despite every organization claiming that their organization is superior in every category, the fact remains that there are many viable options in the area.

Instead of bringing down every area program, Midwest Surge asks that you look at our team philosophy and make your own judgment about how we prepare area players for a higher level of baseball.